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1. How do you like the Phoenix Contact Website overall? 
5. Provide your opinion about the Phoenix Contact website in the following areas:
Topics1 - Do not agree at all234567 - Completely agree
I like the online services that are available to me on this website
I can easily find the information that interests me
This website is useful & helpful for my job
I can find all the product information I need
This website is visually appealing
This website is credible and trustworthy
The purchasing process meets my expectations
I can easily purchase products
6. Decide as spontaneously as possible which of the following conflicting terms better describes the Phoenix Contact Website.



7. How often do you use the following contents / functions on the Phoenix Contact Website?
TopicsVery oftenSometimesSeldomlyNever/ do not need itDid not discover that yet, but would use it
Form “Ask a Question”
Product Compliance
Change the language of the website
My Product Lists
My orders
Find a Distributor
Change the country of the website
My quotations and contracts
Sample Request
My Comparison
Other Download from a Product Details Page (other than Product Details PDF)
Product Details PDF
Product Configurator

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